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 It was established in 01 December 1964 under the name of "People's Headquarters Orchestra" under the direction of Fethi KOPUZ, one of the concertmasters of the Presidential Symphony Orchestra.

    First Founders, Dr. Refik ERER, Dr, Iskender BAYKA, artist Kenan GÖRGÜN and teacher Nevzat ÖZKAN. The name of the orchestra, whose staff grew over time, was changed to "Ankara Amateur Chamber Orchestra". However, even though its members are amateurs, when the work started to show a professional orchestra level, it was changed to "Capital Chamber Orchestra" as of 1982, and the Başkent Chamber Orchestra, which was established in 2019, has been institutionalized under the umbrella of the Culture, Art and Education Association (BODER) and still continues to work.  

      This ensemble, which was founded to make music together, started giving concerts from primary schools to universities, starting from Ankara to universities. He has reached large masses of people with his free concerts in many different parts of the country, and besides presenting polyphonic art music to the public, he also participated in festivals, gave youth concerts, and made radio and television recordings.

      Concert events organized in schools were primarily aimed at making young people like polyphonic music and meeting their needs for listening to music.
     The fact that no monetary reward was expected at the concerts made these events even more attractive, so that the young people, perhaps for the first time in their lives, had the opportunity to get acquainted with polyphonic music and contemporary Turkish music. Parallel to this, giving the opportunity to young talents to step on the stage for the first time in our country and to play solo accompanied by an orchestra has become a second goal. Because, due to the status of very few symphonic orchestras in our country, very few artists from these young talents have the opportunity to attend their limited concerts. Up to now, nearly a hundred young soloists and around twenty young conductors took their place on the stage with BOO for the first time and had the opportunity to be recognized in their branches. The share of BOO among the orchestras in our country that can give this opportunity to young people and help them make a name and develop is too great to be underestimated.
   In addition to professional musicians who have been among the members of our orchestra until today, retired civil servants with different jobs and occupations, music teachers, engineers, architects, judges, lawyers, doctors, There are staff from many different professions such as professors, nurses, deputies, retired artists, students, housewives. 
    The main reason why the Capital Chamber Orchestra has survived since its establishment is the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism, General Directorate of State Opera and Ballet, CSO Directorate, Ankara Metropolitan It is the sincere, sincere and devoted communication between the audience and the support of the Municipal Theaters, the Turkish Philharmonic Association, and the Sevda-Cenap And Music Foundation. 

1. Violin

Mehmet San**

Ayca Mutluer*

Nurdemet Altun*

Bekir Peynircioglu

Yuva Ertan

Bircan Topcu

Riza Kadirli

Zeynep Akgol

Irmak Durgun

Melis Gelgec

Emir Ulger

2. Violin

Nuran Karayel

Ceren Turkmenoglu*

Tanay Totuk*

Ahmet Fayez

Akde Gultekin

Saim Hacihabiboglu

İlke Terzi

Beyza Aydin

Ozden Yavuz

Sevgi Talay


Nur Banu Abis*

Ridvan Ak

Dinc Nayan*

Semih Tercan*

Sebnem Akkoc

Ipek Cetinkaya


Beste Unal

Alp Ediz Ilgen*

Yasar Koroglu*

Ahmet Koybasioglu

Buse Kaymak

Sule Sendogdu

Double bass

Suna Dincer

Tunç Civril*


Petek Kayaalp

Asli Acar


Asya Gungor

Tibet Sarı


Deniz Bilgin*

Umut Savaş*


Ozan Evruk*

Gizem Bircek Sweich*


Baris Bayer*

Nisa Küçükkömürcü


Renato Lupu*

Deniz Yakar*


Giz Öztas*

* Artists who did not spare their support from our orchestra





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